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Chic Wickwire, John Mazurek, Phil Burney, Jerry Borisy, Steve Larsen

These are the letters from Chic Wickwire that started the 40th reunion. They have been kept as history and as reference for the planners of the next reunion.

March 2001

Dear Mayfair High School Class of 1961,

I am excited to report our 40-Year Reunion is officially here. The Reunion venue is "The Racquet Club" in Palm Springs, California and we are ready to begin gathering commitments from you who would like to attend. Here is your information packet. Enclosed are...

1. Registration forms including an outline of party plans, souvenirs, and their cost to you.

2. An on-line Questionnaire that when filled out will give us information about your life we all want to know: loves, retirement activities/retirement plans and dreams come true we all want to know. We'd also like snap shots of you and/or family shots that you'd like to share with us. We'd especially like pictures of those of you that cannot attend, but would like to be remembered by your classmates. This picture will be included in our souvenir booklet along with the pictures of those who do attend. The booklet will be available to those who do not attend (see Registration Form). Please read the questionnaire carefully and answer the questions then press the Submit button.

3. A list of our missing classmates is posted on our class website; we either haven't gotten an address for these people or they have not responded to our email messages or mailings. Please check the list over carefully. If some of those people were your special pals when we were all in school together, perhaps you've kept in touch and know their whereabouts, or maybe they'd respond to a letter from you where they haven't responded to the committee's efforts. Either way let us know if you have information we can use. We are anxious to have everyone attend if possible.

4. An advertising opportunity for you. We can defer some of the expense of the Memory Booklet by selling advertising on the booklet's last few pages. Perhaps you have a business that would benefit by your classmates knowing about it, or maybe you would like to include a special personal message to us all. If so, fill out the information on the advertising request sheet and return it with your registration form.


"The Racquet Club" is absolutely in mint condition after an extensive restoration of the entire resort. The place has 60 bungalows adjacent to a large Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, great restaurant, dance floor and a Vic D'Errico style bar. The brochure is available on our Official Class of '61 Website ( We highly suggest you reserve your room(s) as soon as possible. We expect them to go fast.

As in past class of '61 Reunions, we would like to extend a special invitation to your siblings or friends from previous classes who attended Mayfair High School. We would love to see them too. So, pass the registration information on to them (or simply send us their names and email and/or mailing addresses and we'll take care of it from there.

JUNE 1, 2001

Winner: Sandee Pope Totten

Please mark that date on your calendar. Everyone sending the registration information in on or before June 1st will automatically be entered in a drawing for a free room at "The Racquet Club" for the Party's entire weekend. So decide now to attend the reunion, and get your money and reservation in early.

And don't forget to include...
  • Your registration (and check)
  • Your Questionnaire (Submit on-line)
  • Any Information you have about missing classmates
  • Your Advertisement Request Form (Optional)
  • Names and Addresses of Sibling, Friends, Etc. who want to attend.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you at the 40th.

Your Reunion Committee,
Chic Wickwire, Chairman
Dave Meirovitz, Treasurer
Phil Burney, Website, Venue Director and Master of Ceremonies
Sheila Shenk, Graphic Design (T-shirt logo)
John Mazurek, Staff
Gary Nance, Staff
Gary Johnson, Classmate Data Team
Sandee Pope Totten, Classmate Data Team
Steve Larsen, Classmate Data Team
Jerry Borisy, Staff
Mike Robinson, Golf Tournament Committee
John O'Neal, Golf Tournament Committee
Susie Smith Lynch-Decorations
Barry Witt-Photo Album Web Pages




Friday, September 7 through September 9, 2001

2743 N. Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Reservations call 800-367-0946
(See Room Rates and other information below)


FRIDAY - September 7, 2001 Welcoming Reception
SATURDAY - September 8, 2001
AM Golf Tournament
ALL DAY Enjoy Pool, Tennis Courts and Shopping Downtown
6:00 PM Pre-Dinner Socializer
8:00 PM Poolside Reunion Dinner and Dance
(Palm Springs Dressy/Casual; Men, leave your ties at home)
SUNDAY - September 9, 2001
Sunday Farewell Brunch

COST: Entire Weekend Party -
$90.00 Singles/$165.00 Per Couple



  • Friday Reception and Saturday Night Dinner and Entertainment.
  • One Memorabilia Booklet
  • Picture taken with option to buy.

Not Included

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • T-shirt
  • Sunday Brunch

T-shirts will be available for purchase with the official 40th Reunion Logo designed by Sheila Shenk Verrips - Price: $10.00 each

If you cannot attend, but wish to order T-shirts or Memorabilia Books, they can be purchased using our handy Printable Reservation & Order Forms



There are many things to do in Palm Springs, but for those golfers among us John O'Neal has organized a day of golf at the beautiful Desert Falls Country Club. If you are interested, don't wait, sign up before all the slots are filled.


1111 Desert Falls Parkway
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Entry Fee: $40.00 Per Player


  • Green Fee
  • Golf Cart
  • Prizes



Include a message to the class, advertise your widget; your message will go out to all who attend the reunion.

Just send the copy you would like included or black and white art work if applicable (A business card would fit well into a single ad space).

Cost: $30.00 per 1/8 page (about business card size).



2743 N. Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Reservations call 800-367-0946

The rooms are small cottages, some with kitchens and living rooms and even a suite with a private pool. The number of rooms and rates are as follows:

Accommodations (all one bedroom) Rate
37 Cottages $ 89.00 per night
20 Cottages with Kitchen 100.00 per night
Two Townhouse Suites 150.00 per night
Dorothy Lamour Suite with Pool 200.00 per night

For more information see their web site



Dennis Roberts is our first advertiser and the official travel agent for our reunion travel needs. Dennis will be at your service to search for the lowest rates in airlines, car rental and any of your other travel needs.

17379 Elm Street
Fountain Valley, CA
(Toll Free) 877-706-4517

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