Mayfair 1961

The following was sent in by Jim Benbrook

June 12, 1961

Dear Third Period Class,

To tell loved ones goodbye is the most difficult task I know. I choose this manner of saying farewell for obvious reasons -- I think much more of you than I do even of Sydney Carlton! As the years pass, the happy memories you have left with us at Mayfair will remain undimmed. If it is true that a tree can be judged by its fruit, we have a healthy plant here!

These I shall remember with love: Marcia Allen's angelic smile; Linda Angel's gentle ways; Marilyn Basford's lilting voice; Jimmie Benbrook's mischievous grin; Sue Biddie's controlled vitality; Bob Blanchard's amused, secret gaze; Mary Boggess' pretty joking; Diana Braun's genteel manner; Phil Burney's irrepressible good humor; Richard Cope's budding talent; Valois Edwards' wholesome enthusiasm; Susan Frink's mature poise; Larry Gantman's warm loyalty; Linda Greene's sincere questioning; Tom Gunderson's latent creativity; Marilyn Heincy's ladylike ways; Diane Huff's gentle poise; Gloria Kutz' unflagging dependability; LaVonne Lage's twinkling eyes; Thelma Lamb's quite smile; Cheryl Lemmon's ethereal beauty; Sharon Magorien's bright vivacity; Mike McCracken's warm good humor; Frank Meador's earnest efforts; Bud Palmquist's quick wit; Joyce Peterson's sensitive smile; Becky Peterson's pretty solemnity; Linda Pinegar's wide-eyed attentiveness; Don Plank's boundless energy; Sandie Pope's burning desire to learn; Sharon Pratt's bubbling conversation; Carter Sims' non-conformist opinions; Eileen Smits' amazing modesty; Suretta Snyder's intellectual curiosity; Linda Solomon's quite charm; Sharon Spratley's sensitive face; Wayne Walden's overwhelming enthusiasm; Joan Walker's consistent excellence; Dorothy Whitney's straightforward honesty; Jo Willett's inspiring creativity; Jane Wink's endearing smile; Barry Witt's search for life's meaning; Sandra Wright Williamson's eagerness to know all that is of value; Pam Yocam's constructive friendliness.

How we shall miss you! Please come back to visit often, and know that you have left a place that can never be filled.

Parting advice from an aging English teacher might be this: keep learning! Never be afraid of the truth; it can only set you free. Next year you will discover how little we have taught you, but I hope you will be able to say honestly that we have awakened in you a desire to learn and a few skills that will make learning easier.

God bless you, dear friends,

With much affection,
Claudine Atkinson

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