Mayfair 1961

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Orville Chase

After graduation I attended Cerritos for a year then joined the Air Force. I was stationed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico where I met and married my wife Ginger, who was from Philadelphia PA. We have three children (35-31-24) and two grandchildren (2 & 9mo). We lived 4yrs in N.M.,3yrs. in Pa.,12yrs in Calif. and 20 yrs in N.J.. I have been in printing since 1962 and have a Sir Speedy Printing Franchise in Vineland New Jersey and in Charlottsville Virginia. My passion is deep sea fishing which I do in Jersey, Florida, Costa Rica and Guatamala. Over the years I've lost touch with all my high school friends,please,let's get re-aquainted.

Linda Davis (Scott)

I am a branch manager at KeyBank in Franklin, Indiana. I was widowed at 42 and have since remarried. My husband and I also own a hearing aid company in Greenwood, Indiana. We have 7 children (between us and all grown and out on their own), 14 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren (both blue-eyed red head boys).

I was interested in these sorts of things during high school:

  • Sports
  • Cheerleading and spirit
  • Honor society
  • Music
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Going to parties

Thinking back to graduation, this is what I really wanted from my future:

  • Travel around and see the world
  • Find someone to marry & start a family.
  • Make the world a better place.
  • Go with the flow.

Immediately after high school, this is what I decided to do:

  • Started working.
  • Got married.
  • Traveled.

Marvin Gates

I retired from Lucky Super Markets in 1998 and I am living in Deer Park, Wa. I drove a Semi Truck for 30 years and now I'm enjoying the heck out of retirement. Enjoy snowmobiling in the winter and water sports in the summer on the lakes around here.


It was like we had gone back in time about 100 years when we stepped off the plane. It was ugly hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, but it was sure better than Viet Nam. It was like two years of my life was stolen from me.

Gary Johnson

I have been married to Karen for 37 years and we have 2 kids. Kim is 34 and Chuck is 31. I worked for Rockell on space programs for 35 years. I retired in 1998 and now consult. We like to travel and keep in touch with our friends. We live in El Lago Texas, a suburb of Houston. We are still waiting for the kids to find someone to marry and provide us grandchildren to spoil.

Judith Malendorf (Reichardt)

My husband and I have a business in Loveland, Colorado. We have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Frank Meador

I have 33 years as an Aerospace Engr, working for the Air Force. a) Two kids: Derek, 32 yrs old, lives close Two gandaughters; 4 & 10. Cheree, 30 yrs old, lives very close. 3 grandaughters: 4,6 & 12. b)Spouse of 20 years, Marcella. I'll send a picture of Tom Selleck, because it won't be quite so scary.

Gary Nance

High School Memories

I was interested in these sorts of things during high school:

  • Sports
  • Skipping school
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Going to parties

After High School Like a lot of you I went to Ceritos and then went into the Service. I got out in 1968.

US Army My Assignment Story 1964-68

The beautiful country and the greatpeople in England

My Job

I have the bestjob in the world. I sell video tapes and related items to the tourist locations allover the country. I get to travel to all the national parks ETC and get paid for it. I have been doing this for over 30 years.

My Children

I have two kids Kim and Mike. Kim is 27 married with no kids. She lives in San Diego and has just now gone back to school. She is going to be a special ed teacher. Mike is in Texas and is a manager of a restaurant. He tells me that he in charge of 27 people and there is only 2 guys all the rest are woman. Why couldn't I have done that when I was his age.

My Pets

I have a 1 dog 1 cat 19 fish and to birds. The dog is a dalmation and she is 4 years old. The keep me company when im home and we all have a lot of fun.

Sandra Pope (Totten)

After High School I went to college for a couple years. My health then began to fail and in 1968 David Totten and I married. In 1975 we divorced. After the divorce I went back to school and finish college. My health remained bad, but I kept at school and earned several Master's degrees. After becoming deaf in 1976, I continued in graduate school finally receiving my Ph.D. A very bad automobile accident in 1990 broke my back and I finally had to retire as my doctors had been wanting me to do for years. I moved out to Banning, CA. which is 23 miles north-west of Palm Springs and have enjoyed it emmensely. Never having had any children, I have always surrounded myself with animals. I am currently at a low point in having only 3 dogs and 1 cat, all house types. We just enjoy life and do what we can with as little complaining as possible. I am a member of the Woman's Club and was just awarded Woman of the Year for that club. I am very active in my church. I welcome any who wish to drop me a line.

Mike Robinson

Retired from the LA County Sheriff's Dept. after 35 years service/15 years in Homicide. Married to Francine 16 years,living in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. 5 children, 4 grandchildren and one expected in Feb.2001. Recently passed the state test for Private Investigator and received my PI license. I'm now working part time as a civilian consultant to the LA Co Sherif's Homicide Bureau reviewing unsolved murder cases.

Bill Thurman

I graduated from the Univ. of Redlands and have an MA from UC Riverside. Married for 35 years. We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I taught math for 11 years, worked as a systems engineer/programmer for 5 years and have taught computer science for the past 16 years. We recently retired. We are touring the country in our 5th wheel for a few years before settling down again. My interests include running marathons, road cycling, metal detecting (treasure hunting), genealogy, golf, ham radio, and travel.

Jane Wink (Thomas)

I am retired, live in Yucaipa, CA, have 3 kids 6 gradkids and would love to hear from any or all old friends from high school.

Leona Woolum (Meador)

Hi everyone-Well I work for Integris at Hospice of Okla. County. I'm a Health Information Analyst.I have two wonderful grown kids-Derek has two daughters and in March of 2001 will deliver two more twin girls and daughter Cheree has three girls. I've been pumping iron in the gym for four years and have made the news papers a few times,Ha!! Thats been alot of fun for me.The headlines read Grandma/Bodybuilder.Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.

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