Over 100 community leaders, parents, and students are expected to join with school officials this afternoon in the dedication of Mayfair High School District newest educational facility.
     The 60-minute program is slated to begin at 2p.m. on the school's 44-acre campus on Woodruff Avenue at Allington Street in Lakewood. Classroom tours and refreshments will follow the ceremonies.
     Dedicatory message for the event will be given by Dr. C. C. Trillingham, Los Angeles County superintendent of schools, who last week returned from Russia where he made a one-month study of Soviet education.
     Other speakers will be Geneva Goodban, Board of Education president: William S. Grant: 70th District Assemblyman; Carly V. Porter, 69th District Assemblymen; Angelo Iacoboni, Mayor of Lakewood; and Dr. M. Brakensiek, Mayor of Bellflower.
     Gifts of the new student body are scheduled to presented by Lakewood American Legion Post 496, Lakewood Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Native Sons of the Golden West, Bellflower Exchange Club, and Bellflower Masonic Lodge 523.
     Mayfair's initial project to be dedicated this afternoon has a capacity of 1141 students and represents an expenditure of nearly 2.5 million dollars school official's report.

It contains 93,260 square feet divided between 11 classroom buildings, a gymnasium, and locker and shower rooms.
     Although several schools across the country have adapted patterns of student body organization similar to the sub-school plan at Mayfair, the local school has been the subject of nationwide attention, in that it is reportedly the first where buildings were designed and located to aid the pattern, said superintendent W. Norman Wampler. The plan calls for students and teachers to be assigned to one of the two sub-school groups; each administered by each occupying its separate buildings for the required subjects. Sub-school student bodies are brought together for elective subjects and extra-curricular activities.
     According to Wampler, this pattern of organization is designed to promote the desirable close relationship between students and faculty found, in small schools, while providing the specialized facilities and operation economies of large high schools.
     Mayfair was organized last year in afternoon sessions at Bellflower High and moved to the new campus at opening of the current school year. Principal Richard Oswald heads the 40-teacher faculty and student body of 866. Assistant principals assigned to administrate the sub-schools are Richard Robinson and Jack Thompson.

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