Darlene (Dolly) Ayers

Darelene Ayers
Died February 17, 2004

Dear Class of '61;

My sister Dolly passed away on Feb. 17, 2004. She was one of five children and is survived by her brother and three sisters. Dolly was the mother of three boys: Jeff, Bruce and Randy, she had three grandchildren, two girls and a boy.

At her death, she was living in San Jacinto, Ca. in her own home, near her oldest son. Dolly's middle son Bruce was at her home when she suffered a massive heart attack. She was cooking dinner for them, and collapsed to the floor. Bruce told the family that she was gone in minutes.

Dolly Ayers 8th grade
Darlene Ayers
8th Grade at
FDR Jumior High

Dolly had been ill with lung problems, stomach problems, plus other health issues for the last ten years. The heart attack was a shock to us all, but we believe it to be a blessing given to her by God for all her suffering years. Just to be able to leave this earth so quickly, is that not a true blessing?

Darlene was nick-named Dolly as a very small child, because of her outer beauty. Her large eyes, so green, her gorgeous thick wavy hair, and her flawless ivory skin. When picturing Dolly in our minds, who can forget her smile, and that contagious little giggle that was always so charming. Her nick-name stuck with her throughout her life, as did her beauty. She was sensitive and kind, but most of all, she was a soft heart and so gentle natured. A truly beautiful person inside as well as out.

Yours Truly,
Laura Ayers

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