Dave Meirovitz

30 September 2010

Just a note ...sent by David's caregiver / friend / neighbor
"To all the people who cared about David, I want to inform you that he has made his transition. Tammy"

I corresponded with David every few days for the last few years ... Started shortly after the last reunion. We last chatted four times on September 16 and once on the 17th. A few days earlier his doc appointment .. he thought he was gaining weight and was very optimistic. On the 12th talked to him five times ... first message to me was about doc visit on the 10th ... email begins ..." I am getting very weak and the doc said my kidney's are failing ..." Three typos in the note AND David never make any spelling or grammar errors ... imagine he was very shocked by doc news, especially since he had written me a coupe days earlier he was feeling better.

He was fighting to get the creatinine levels in his liver up to normal.

Miss him now and imagine I will miss him even more in the weeks and years to come. I am grateful for the last years of friendship and correspondence of my dear friend/classmate.

Sheila Verrips

7 October 2010

I am saddened to report that Dave Meirovitz passed away several weeks ago in Dexter, Oregon (east of Eugene). He had been suffering from a rather rare form of cancer for some time.

Mike Swaim

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