Jane Wink Thomas

I just had an email from one of our classmate's daughter that her mother passed away. She was letting everyone in the address book know. I have not gotten, nor asked yet, any specifics. Just that her mother went home to the Lord. She was so upset she did not tell who her mother was, so I wrote back and found out that my fears of whom were right. Jane Wink was our classmate. She lived in Yucaipa and we had lunch together many times. About a year ago they thought she was having another stroke but it turned out to be a brain tumor. She survived the surgery, but was never the same. In her life she RACED CARS. Hard for me to believe of Jane Wink, but true. She won often. I'll get the specifics from Jennifer in a few days. She needs to deal with it all first.


From Jane Wink's daughter.
Today I cried alot
it was 1 year since I called 911 at 1130 in the morning thinking my Mom was having a stroke. The Tuesday morning after Labor Day (date was the 4th last year) was the 2nd worst day of my life. I still do not understand why God wanted to take my MOM home, away from me! I try to be thankful for the 9 months we had her and that she was at my pinning, and got to meet Jacob.....but I am ANGRY, SAD, & LONELY! I keep hearing her say to me "Jennifer, what's happening to me" and then she started to cry on the phone. Life is not FUN right now, and I hope and pray that it gets better.

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