Mike Mc Cracken

Mike McCracken

Mike died in 1961 in an automobile accident.


My name is Deborah Wertz and I am Mike McCracken's niece. I read on the site that you were interested in hearing anything regarding those classmates of yours who had died and thought I might write to you. I stumbled on this website while doing a search, quite surprised actually to find a website devoted to Mayfair High, Class of '61. I was nine years old when he was killed and one of my last memories of him was when our family attended his graduation ceremony - (if I recall it was at Bellflower High stadium?) My 9th birthday was the 3rd of July and he and my Mom (his older sister by 14 years) threw me a grand party. It was such a happy and memorable day for me only to be followed three days later by his tragic death. As you might imagine, so many things changed forever for our family that day.

I am 52 years old now and rarely a day goes by that I don't think lovingly of him. Being only 9 years older than I, he was more like a brother to me than an uncle. I remember his girlfriend was a lovely girl named Patty Fisk. I believe (but am not sure) that she kept in touch with my Grandmother for several years following Mike's accident. I remember that he was a very witty guy - he and my Mom were always laughing about something - and that his loss was something we never really got over.

Deb Wertz
Long Beach, CA

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