by Ownie Woolum Meador

When I die
Will you be sad that I have gone,
Sad that our friendship has ended,
That our talking is over,
That we have parted?---
Remember me.

When I die
Will you be glad that I lived,
Glad that we met,
Glad that we enjoyed so much?--
Remember me.

When I die
I leave you love and the sea,
Friendship and all the loveliness of the world,
I bequeath to you, the living,
All joy and all sorrow,
Have courage always,
And sometimes, sometimes,
Remember me.

The Flower Garden

by Linda Davies

Scattered in this world in 1961
We left to find ourselves one by one.
Dreams once shared gave way to paths of reality
As we began to test the soil of time.

Budding humans in natures flow,
Each left to wander as they did grow,
in spirit, to spread their seed, their knowledge too.
Each discovered something few young men know
Roots make our gardens grow.

Young seedlings in a world of challenge
To face the tides of time.
We left, we conquered, some faltered, some prospered
some were trampled along the way.

Those who could not weather, died just as monsoons do,
But we know each has left behind something special and new.
This garden is tilled with love of times shared and for those who congregate
the flowers grow oh so sweet, in love filled company.

Soon the garden will bloom again,
Flowers will stand side by side to share memories.
To laugh, to blossom once more.
Red roses, silverbells, shining glories, silver fox too

All will gather to bloom for a short sweet moment.
Little flowers, tall flowers, only to gather and bloom
As each brings their years to reunion room.

How wonderful will this garden be?
Filled with sweet memory.
Only with all the flowers there
Will this garden bloom in blue and silver
Come share this fun filled gaiety.

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