Rocky Greenhaw

Rocky Greenhaw

5 June 2008

I'm John Chiara, 65 ASB President of Mayfair High. My borther who is older sent the Rocky memorial. I pray all of you know Jesus has us all in His hands at this time in your lives... losing your grandfather. I was a fighter in grade school. Anyone who tried me was in for a fight. I was sent home from Stephen Foster for beating up a 6th grader when I was in 4th. In 6th grade I challenged Brody Dunn to fight after a chase broken up by teachers and he backed down saying he had "violin lessons". (David Dunn's younger brother.)

Long story short....Rocky enters my life! Boy did he show this bully a lesson! I do not know if Rocky knew I was the tough guy in grade school. Big kids seldom knew of little ones 4 yrs less than them. I was walking to the Lkwd Center one day and Rocky drove by in his car. He turned around, parked, got out and challenged me to fight him. He said he'd do it with one hand behind his back. To this day, 47 yrs later, I have no clue but the Providence of God why he chose me to challenge. I think it is the proverb of Jesus, "As you sow, so shall you reap!" or in Asian philosophy "Karma"! He scared the living daylights out of me and a lot of proud arrogance that day. I never forgot it. He never laid a hand on me but he impacted my life and character FOREVER! Hope to see Him soon when Jesus returns.

2 June 2008

My Grandfather was a caring man, even though he died as I was at a young age, I loved him and miss him like crazy! He was like my hero, he was one of the greatest men I've ever met in my life. I remember he used to take me out for icecream but ALWAYS, on the way back home, his broke-down little buggie of a car would break down... Memories of that last forever.

Rest in Peace Grandpa Rocky, you will be missed forever!

Love Always,

His Grandaughter,
Ashley Christine Greenhaw


I was close with my Dad and miss him still since he died 5 years ago. He actually had a total of seven children! Four with my mother and 3 more with his third wife ( my oldest daughter is only 6 months younger than his youngest daughter).

I would be happy to share some info about Rocky's life. He had quite an interesting one. I wish I knew more about his life before I came along, which is why I was so excited to find out about your website. I think, initially, you shared a story about my Dad, being one of the first to start wearing a "shirt and tie" to school? Anyway, that coincided with stories he had told me and it was special to hear. I know my Dad was a person that was liked by people, but I know he probably had some enemies as well. I'd even like to hear the negative things about him. Is that wierd?

Rocky's sister, Marcia Greenhaw-Acebo is still living in Bellflower. The same house they grew up in down there. I think she was a grade higher than my Dad. She married her high school sweetheart, Jack Acebo. Anyway, I will put together some info and pictures for the website. I appreciate the offer to share about my best friend, my Dad.

Scott Greenhaw
Grass Valley, Ca

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