Ron Dandliker

19 May 2014

The below message was sent today by Paul Whitaker regarding the passing of Ron Dandliker. Ronnie was living in Bullhead City , AZ when he passed away. — Mike Robinson

Gary Johnson received a phone call from Ron Dandliker’s daughter (Paige) advising him that her father passed away this morning. Ron and Paige talked every Sunday. When Ron failed to call, Paige tried to call him. Finally this morning, Paige called again and not being able to make contact called the police. The police and paramedics found Ron alive but he passed away later this morning at the hospital.

No news on what if anything the family has planned. Ron lived one door away from me on Bonfair Avenue in Lakewood. We grew up together from 1950 until we married and moved to various locations throughout the nation. Ron won the Catalina ski race in 1957 when we were all freshmen at Bellflower High School. Gary Johnson lived across the street, Mike Robinson was around the corner on Blackthorne and Jim Corrick was just across the street from Mike. Ronnie and I spent many days together. We grew up together and double dated more than any other party. Ronnie was a friend and the best man at my one and only wedding. That was on May 29, 1964 just 50 short years ago.

Paul Whitaker

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