Sherry Dingwell Spurlock

Sherry Dingwell Spurlock

Sherry Dingwell Spurlock
Died Mid-Dec 2019

I regret to inform you that Sherry Dingwell Spurlock passed away mid-December of an unknown infection.

Gary Johnson

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In high school we had many happy memories running around with friends! Going to A&W in my Dad's beastie DeSoto we would have so much fun! With Jeanne Allen we went to San Diego in Jean's boyfriend's Sprite, brand new no less! We traveled in our two-piece bathing suits all the way, it was a convertible! We got lots of attention! Well, Jeanne misjudged stopping in the fast lane on PCH and we hit a big car, sliding under it all the way to windshield when other person let up on his brake! Totaled the Sprite but we survived the crash and until this day I know God was with us!
Piling lots of girls, sometimes up to seven as the cars were so roomie, to go cruising and to Rondevous ballroom. We had many happy youthful experiences in high school! Sad to hear of your passing! RIP!

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