Donald Hansen, Spanish Teacher

Donald Hansen

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From: Stacey Hansen 1997
Aug 13 2005
To: ALL (1) to all students of Mr Hansen~Spanish teacher

I read through the favorite teacher discussions on Mr Hansen, and it was quite heartwarming. Mr Hansen was my grandfather on my fathers side. Sadly he passed away on May 13, 2003 of general old age. Everything was done by rescue personel to try to save him, but God called him home. It was very devastating to all of our relatives, but we have thousands upon thousands of wonderful memories of him, and his wisdom and advice always lives on with us. He spent his last days volunteering in my daughter's (his great grand daughter's) preschool classroom. He had all the little 2 and 3 year olds learning their abcs and numbers in English and Spanish. My daughter still remembers him:) oh how those kids adored him!!! It was very difficult to explain to the children why he wasn't there anymore when he passed. At any rate, I loved reading the thread that Kim Hochstatdt started.:)
Always remember him.

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