Missing Classmates 11-26-02
Can you help?

If you have visited this page in the past you may notice that it is now longer. When the committee started contacting people for the 40th Reunion, the basic list of addresses was from the 30th Reunion. If there was no response I have now moved these names to "Missing". There may be names on this list of people who did respond and I didn't get the status of the record changed to "Verified". I would appreciate any help in determining the whereabouts of any name on this list. Last known married name or any other bit of information that may help locate them. The database will supply the contact information for the 45th Reunion; updating this list starts today...brw

First Name Last Name Married Name
Karen Adams (Howell)
Jeanne Allen Lane
Jim Atkinson
Kaye Lynn Beck
Bob Blanchard
Mary Boggess
Linda Bower
Terri Brechtbill Redondo
Charles Bridges
Lynda Bruins Strecker
Fred Calhoun
Jackie Cheney Williams
Charlotte Crisp Shockley
Barbara Curl
Richard Davis
Happy Eggleston
Bob Everett
Curtis Ferguson
Lynn Ann Fisher Haris
Judy Gooch
Dawn Grant
Dianna Hazard
Bob Hebert
La Fern House
Donna Huff
Diane Huff
Elinor John
Stan Kelley
Ethel Kline
Gloria Kutz
Terry Lowder Klein
Sharon Magorian Alamaraz
Jim Miller
Janice Neal
Bob Newell
Charlene Niles
Mary Noblet
Karen Noel
Ronald North
Joyce Peterson
Donald Plank
Jack Powell
Sharon Pratt
Wanda Reudter
Delmer Roghair
Tony Santa Vicca
Bob Simpson
Carter Sims
Sharon Stevens
Kathy Stewart
John Teague
Dennis Van Gelder
Richard Vander Meulen
Carol Varner
Charles Wardwell
Jo Willett
Carmen Williams
Tom Wood
Pam Yocam
If you know the whereabouts of or have any information that may help find our classmates, email: , keeper of the DB.

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