Sherry Dingwell - Spurlock

June 2006

Has it been 5 years, where did the time go, I have some pictures from the past, one of the pictures is of myself and Sharon Degidio, and myself and Kirk Boyce at Sadie Hawkins Senior year and up to the present and last Jim Spurlock and I ( we have been married for 6 years).

I hope to see everyone at the 45th reunion, I can't wait. Will be coming with Sharon Degidio (Eaton), Laverne Warner (Skinner) and Ownie Meador and we will be staying at the Marriott in Long Beach.

Jim and I sold our home in Laguna Hills and moved to Surprise, AZ, we have no mortgage, no car payments and no bills. Opening a new business - Home Run Derby Collectibles for all sports in October 2006.

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