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Miss Butler's Kindergarten Class
Lincoln Elementary 1st Grade Class
Woodrow Wilson 2nd Grade Class
Thomas Jefferson School 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Evenson's 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Patrege's 2nd Grade Class
Miss Bailey's 2nd Grade Class
Mrs. Hubel's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Bragg's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Clough's 4th Grade Class
Mrs. Woolard's 4th Grade Class
Mrs. Flower's 5th Grade Class
Mrs. Webber's 5th Grade Class
Mr. Pearce's 6th Grade Class
Mr. Witt's 6th Grade Class
Mr. Hamilton's 6th Grade Class

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Class of 61 From 1961 Tradewinds

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[Linda Angel Plank] [Martha Barringer Greenspon] [Mike Cox] [Carole Davidson Scanlon] [Sherry Dingwell Spurlock] [Sonja Harris Frengel] [Steve Larsen] [Cheryl Lemmon Leeuwen] [Gary Lewellyn] [Frank Meador] [Gary Nance] [Judy Nelson Huber] [Mike Robinson] [Sheila Shenk Verrips] [Donna Sorenson-Raulston] [Mike Souter] [Mike Swaim] [Nancy Thomas Caudle] [Bill Thurman] [ Shirley Umbarger-Katz] [Chic Wickwire] [Barry Witt]
[Oregon Girls]


[Jane Wink Thomas] [John O'Neal] [John Lemanski Update 2016] [Charles Wardwell]


[Boyce-Dingwell] [Smallwood-Umbarger] [Witt-Pope]

Our Gang

The Hornet - 1956 Annual for Franklin D. Roosevelt JHS
The Hornet - 1957 Annual for Franklin D. Roosevelt JHS