Mayfair 1961

Mayfair High School
Class of 1961 Questionnaire

Can you believe it is almost 40 years since we last listened to the bells at Mayfair High telling us it was time to be in class. Do you remember the football games and dances? Who was the first person you kissed, what were your favorite songs, did you ever have a crush on a teacher? If you can remember, we would like to know. The answers to the questions will be tallied and added to the site.

Phil Burney

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1. How many children do you have that you claim as yours?

2. How many grandchildren do you have that you claim as yours?

3. Did you serve in the armed forces?
What branch?

4. What is your most memorable experience since leaving high school?

9. Are you still working or retired?

If you don't have enough space to answer, use Comments below and reference question #.

1. What was your most memorable experience in high school?

2. What was your favorite place to go to on a date?

3. Do you remember the first person you kissed in high school?

Who? (Optional)

4. What were your 3 most favorite songs?

5. Who was your best teacher?


6. Did you ever have a crush on any of your teachers?

Who? (Optional)

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