From "Windjammer", January 27, 1961

Pursell's All-Star Jazzmen Present Seasoned Session During Assembly by Linda Angel

What's all the jazz about jazz?
Under the roof of Monsoonville there's a man waiting to entertain our student body. This man is Mr. Paul Pursell, and he is planning to entertain all Monsoons next Thursday, February 2, with an assembly devoted to jazz.
In the first year of Mayfair high School's history, a very successful jazz assembly was held. Mr. Pursell has planned another that sounds even more interesting.
Monsoons Audience
A vocal group will be present to sing for Mayfair students. Jay Shanor will play the bass; Warren Hale will be drummer; Warren Gale will honor the trumpet; Sid McCormick will be at the piano; Mr. Pursell will play the sax. These men will all show us what composes the often heard of jazz session.
These performers, both professional and amateur, will play together unrehearsed. Some of the Mayfair faculty and student body also may perform in this assembly.
Besides being a way to get out of class and also to give us enjoyment, it is hoped that students will more clearly understand jazz after assembly. "will be a little lecture," says Mr. Pursell, "but enough to explain what a jazz session is."
Jazz Today
The conditions now days are very poor for the jazz musician. Many are out of work now that rock and roll has come into the picture. Rock and roll is basic compared to jazz, which is complex. At the assembly the two will be compared.
When asked why he likes jazz, Mr. Pursell answered by asking, "Why do you like boys?" Upon explaining further he said that it's like chicken. You have a chance to taste it; you do and you like it. Jazz is one of the few things that is truly American. We all owe it to ourselves to at least taste it. Maybe you will like it!

Blandmen Ready Attack for Winless Los Altos
Tonight the mighty Monsoons of Mayfair High School host the cellar dwelling Los Altos squad at 8:00 in the Mayfair gym.
Charter Oaks
Last Friday night the Monsoons traveled to Charter Oaks High School to battle the Lancers in a varsity basketball game.
In the first half the Monsoons built up a good lead and held on to it for their fourth victory in five decisions. Dick Biller, becoming one of the best shots in the league on his patented behind the key jump-shot, lead the onslaught in the first half. He collected 18 points for the night.
League leading Edgewood moved into town January 17 and they went away in soul possession of first place in Suburban League standings. Their do-it-yourself man Bob Stowell scored 26 points and proved he's one of the best in the league.
For Mayfair it was Dick Biller garnering 16 points and Dave Meirovitz and Bob Vertsteeg getting 12 and 11 respectively.
Late in the game Mayfair put on a last ditch effort to pull the game out but Edgewood had built up too great a lead.
La Mirada
Mayfair treacked to La Mirada January 13, and La Mirada gave an indication that they will have a good strong team next year.
     The first half was slow moving sluggish affair for Mayfair and La Mirada looked as thought they might pull off a big upset.
After half-time the completion of the ball gave changed completely and Mayfair showed its experience and poise to run over La Mirada by 20 points.
Dave Meirovitz and Bernard Dahlen tied for the point man with 15 points each.
Return of Dahlen
Bernard Dahlen, starting guard for Mayfair, will return to the lineup after a bout with the flu.

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