From "Windjammer", March 24, 1961


Biology Class Viewed By Student
by Carole Davidson
"Oh No!"
And so goes it for another frog; another innocent worm.
Upon meeting your first biology "victim", usually an oversized frog or a thin anemic worm, you say to yourself, "This is a pushover. I'll show this guy who is boss!"
Mid-Section Seen
As you gaze into his pathetic little brown eyes, you insert the Scalpel into his mid-section and begin your dissection. The Scalpel is soon replaced with an everyday pair of scissors, rusted from the constant stream of formaldehyde. Picking through his intestines, observing the fat bodies, identifying cloaco, it all gives you a sense of mastery, a feeling of superiority even though the creature's eyes are peering intently upon your tear drenched face.
Biology is comparable to other subjects. For instance, track. I never saw people run so fast and jump so high as my fellow Biology II students the day some jerk told them that Mr. Oswald's pet rattlesnake was missing.
Biology is also comparable to English, but I dare not repeat some of the English words uttered when the aroma of dirty bat cages reaches already pickled nostrils.
Tasty Time
We can concoct anything Home Economics classes can; oatmeal mash to feed the fruit flies, agar agar upon which bacteria is grown, saline solution to test blood, and other "yummy" preparations.
My fellow biologists and I really do enjoy this course, especially before lunch.

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