From "Windjammer", October 14, 1960

Senior Class Ponders Problems; Priviledges Defined During Confab
A special senior class meeting was called on the night of October 5, 1960 as a result of a "sit-down strike" held during the fifth period of that day.
This meeting was held in the multi-purpose room and approximately 150 Mayfair seriors were in attendance.
Walden Conducts
Senior Class President Wayne Walden called the meeting to order and a discussion concerning senior square began.
Mr. Oswald brought up the fact that designs were drawn up for the square but that the board of Education must approve the plans before landscaping and construction can begin.
"Square" Limed
Following the meeting, members of the Senior Class, headed by Wayne Walden, limed off the area between the two Sub Schools to serve as the temporary Senior Square.
This area is OUT-of-BOUNDS to all students except members of the Senior Class!
Open Campus Discussed
Students in attendance brought up the subject of an open campus but it was stated by members of the administration that the Board of Education will not allow an open campus at either Mayfair or Bellflower.
Mr. Oswald told the group that seniors will be dismissed from assemblies early. This tradition will cover all assemblies.
Ditch Day Debated
Plans for the Senior Ditch Day were announced and the tentative day will be May 29. The location will be either Huntington State Beach or the Newport Dunes Aquatic Park.
The Junior-Senior Prom will be held on May 27 in the Cerritos Student Union. This location is only tentative and may be changed before the prom.
It was decided that monthly class meetings will be held to better communications between students and administration.

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