From "Windjammer", November 23, 1960

'The Staring Match' Opens As First Dramatic Offering
Mayfair drama organizations will present two plays to the public on four consecutive nights; Wednesday through Saturday, November 31st, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
This performance will mark the drama debut of the new stage in the multi-purpose building. "The Staring Match", a two act play presented by the Drama Club, will be preceded by the one-act farce, "Playwrights Dilemma".
Staging of "The Staring Match" will be done in such a manner so as to permit the audiences' imagination to supply the scenery.
The story is about two "angels" who vie with each other over which is to provide water for a draught-ridden community.
Cast of the "Staring Match" includes Dan Wilson, Joyce Tucker, Terry Brechtbill, Bobby Threet, Judy Camping, Dennis Hall, Bruce Booker, Pat Murray, Sharon Sink, Carlos Sanchez, J.B. Ketring, Sandy Anderson, Grag Carpenter, Pamela Julian, Russ Atwood, Bonny Web, Mary Boggess, Doyle Cargyle, Don Plank, and Sandy Wright, stage manager.
"Playwright's Dilemma", the curtain raiser, includes in its cast Lynn Bisson, Patty Fisk, Verdon Wallace, Bobby Colin, Keith Helvern, Allen Cox, Dick Price, Steve Price, Sandy Walker, Diane Parks, George Steeves, and Sharon Roby, stage manager.
Freshmen will be given free admittance, with Student Body Card, to the Wednesday evening performance. Without a card, price for the frosh will be twenty-five cents.
Purpose of this offer is to make Mayfair frosh more aware of the school's drama program. Roosevelt Jr. Hi students will also be eligible for the offer.
General admission is one dollar. Students holding a Student Body Card will be given a 25 per cent discount.

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