Mayfair 1961 When are you sending it in?

I don't know how the photos on these pages affect you, I personally thought I was immune to "mushy emotional responses", but I am not. Seeing your pictures does bring back memories. Before I started scanning photos, I would have said that I remembered hardly anyone from my school days, but the pictures have brought back long forgotten memories. I believe they will do the same for you.

Whether you made it to the reunion or not, share your pictures and your story. See the pages for Jane Wink and Mike Souter as good examples of the pages we would like to create for everyone. We hope to have as many pages like this as possible. Send in pictures of you and your spouse, your family, your hobby, Prom pictures, whatever, we will make a space for them.

Pictures of your "car(s)" will go in the Cars section, Prom pictures in Prom, others into Graduates Photo Pages. In the Graduates section please limit submissions to 6 or 7 of your best photos. Please include captions.

If you would like to share any memories, I will start a section when the first one arrives. Memories about... "My first day at Mayfair", "favorite teacher, class", "Hanging out at lunch", "Where we went after school", "what I did on my summer vacation". You get the idea. All submissions will be on the site within 24 hours. Check in often to see the new additions.

Email photos in .jpg format, full-size to .

....Barry Witt

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